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Electric Storage Heaters

Electric Storage Heaters: Improve Your Energy Efficiency with New Models

Free electric storage heater grants Discover how upgrading to a swanky new energy-efficient electric storage heater can lead to mind-blowing savings on your bills, month after month. Oh, and did we mention that both the application and installation won’t cost you a single penny?Yep, that’s right, 100% FREE!

In a world where energy prices are skyrocketing faster than a rocket to Mars, electricity has become a fantastic alternative to those old-fashioned gas appliances. Your ancient radiators and prehistoric electric heaters might be sneakily draining your wallet every month; making the switch to a state-of-the-art high heat-retention electric storage heater is like waving a magic wand over your energy bills.

And here’s the cherry on top: all of this is available to eligible applicants for absolutely no cost, thanks to the UK government’s generous ECO4 scheme.

At Eco Grants Direct, we’re on a mission to ensure that everyone has the right to a warm, cozy home, regardless of their situation. Give our ridiculously easy eligibility checker a whirl and find out if you qualify today. If you do, sit back and relax – we’ll take care of all the heavy lifting for you.

Apply now and brace yourself for a home that’s so easy and cost-effective to heat, it’s practically a superpower! Relish the cozy warmth with these ultra-modern features:

Temperature control: Fan-assisted for the speed and efficiency of a cheetah on roller skates.

Cool to the touch: No more burnt fingers, just high-fives all around!

Whisper-quiet: Say goodbye to those sleepless nights with racket-causing heaters from the past; this one’s as quiet as a ninja in slippers.

Space-saving: Smaller than old-school models but packs a mighty energy-efficient punch. It’s like fitting an elephant into a phone booth, only more practical.

Smart as a whip: Works its magic during off-peak hours to keep your cash safe and sound.

Programmable: Sync it with your schedule, and it’ll follow you like a well-trained puppy.

Efficiency redefined: No more hurling heat (and money) into the abyss. Let’s keep both in your home where they belong!

So, what do electric storage heaters have up their sleeves to make your life a breeze?

• No mains gas supply? No problem!
• Easy on the wallet
• Installed for FREE by our very own qualified Eco Grants Direct wizards.
• Lasts longer than other night storage heaters (like the Energizer Bunny!)
• Clever little devices auto-adjust to the climate and can even tell if a window opens. Sherlock Holmes,   who?
• No heat wasted during time you don’t need it (like a heat ninja!)
• Mother Nature-approved: greener than gas
• Zero maintenance (just sit back and chill!)

Heard electric storage heaters drain your wallet? 

Think again! Sure, older models might’ve had a reputation, but our High Heat Retention Electric Storage Heaters laugh in the face of such claims. Here’s why:

• Latest and greatest in energy-efficient, SMART tech for mind-blowing results
• Off-peak hours are their playground, saving you even more moolah.
• With gas prices skyrocketing, electricity swoops in as a shining alternative thanks to off-peak tariffs storage heaters happily exploit.
• Did we mention installation is FREE? That’s right, no upfront costs here!


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