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For Homeowners and Tenants Not Receiving Benefits

LA Flex is part of the ECO4 Scheme and it gives local authorities a greater say in defining eligibility for ECO funding.

Its aim is to help reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty by improving the energy efficiency of homes occupied by low-income, fuel-poor, and vulnerable households.

LA Flex is designed to help homeowners and private tenants, who do not receive any benefits but have low household income, and are considered likely to be vulnerable living in their cold energy inefficient properties.



How can I qualify for LAFLEX?

Please see the four routes that you may qualify for through your local council:

Households that hold an EPC rating of either E, F, or G, with a Gross household income less than £31,000 per Annum.
This cap applies irrespective of the property size, composition, or region.

EPC rating E-G & households that meet a combination of two of the following routes:

  • Proxy 1) Homes in England in Lower-layer Super Output Area 1-3 (LSOA), or homes in Welsh provision LSOA 1-3 on the Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation 2019, or the Index of Multiple Deprivation for 2020, published by the Scottish Government.
  • Proxy 2) Householders receiving a Council Tax rebate.
  • Proxy 3) Householders vulnerable to living in a cold home as identified in the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Guidance.
  • Proxy 4) A householder receiving free school meals due to low income.
  • Proxy 5) A householder supported by a LA run scheme.
  • Proxy 6) A household referred to the LA for support by their energy supplier or Citizen’s Advice or Citizen’s Advice Scotland.

EPC rating D-G households that have been identified by their doctor or GP as low-income and vulnerable, with an occupant whose health conditions may be impacted further by living in a cold home. These health conditions may be cardiovascular, respiratory, immunosuppressed, or limited mobility related.

EPC rating D-G households that are referred to under Route 4: Bespoke Targeting. Suppliers and LAs can apply to BEIS where they have identified low-income and vulnerable households, who are not already eligible under the exiting routes.

Eco Grants Direct: Broadening Eligibility with the LA Flex Scheme

At Eco Grants Direct, we are proud to introduce the Local Authority Flexible Eligibility (LA Flex) Scheme. This initiative is designed to expand the eligibility of the ECO scheme, allowing a wider range of individuals to benefit from available funding. Now, even if you’re not receiving benefits, you could still qualify based on specific criteria set by your local council. Both homeowners and private renters might be eligible. However, please note that this scheme does not cover social housing tenants

Partnering Local Authorities:

We’re pleased to work in collaboration with:

  1. Birmingham City Council
  2. Bristol Council
  3. Buckinghamshire Council
  4. Cherwell District Council
  5. Dacorum Council
  6. Derbyshire Council
  7. Dudley Council
  8. Hammersmith and Fulham District Council
  9. Hertsmere Borough Council
  10. Leicester Council
  11. London Borough of Ealing Council
  12. NEF Basingstoke and Deane Council
  13. North Northants Council
  14. Oxford City Council
  15. Saint Albans City and District Council
  16. Sheffield council
  17. South Oxfordshire District Council
  18. Three River District Council
  19. Vale of Whitehorse District Council
  20. Walsall Council
  21. Watford Borough Council
  22. West Northants Council
  23. West Oxfordshire District Council
  24. Winchester City Council

Applying for ECO4 Flex: Your Step-by-Step Guide

1. Submission: Begin by completing the ECO4 Flex application form. Ensure it’s signed, then submit it to your installer along with the necessary supporting documents, like proof of income. Please note: direct applications to the council are not accepted.

2. Approval Timeline: Once submitted, allow 1 to 3 weeks for your local council to review. Ensure all required documentation is provided to avoid delays. The council might request additional documentation for clarity.

Home Improvements You Could Benefit From:

Upon approval and a Retrofit survey, your home might be eligible for the following improvements:

– First-time central heating for homes without an existing heating system.
– Various insulation types: Loft, Cavity Wall, External Wall, and Internal Wall.
– Non-Condensing Boiler replacements.

Why Choose These Home Improvements?

Opting for these measures can offer a multitude of advantages:

– Contribute to a greener planet by reducing CO2 emissions.
– Enjoy reduced energy bills.
– Say goodbye to issues like mould, humidity, and draughts.
– Enhance the overall value of your property.

Visit Eco Grants Direct today and make a sustainable choice for your home!

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