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Improving Home Energy Efficiency with External Wall Insulation

External Wall Insulation Grant is an energy efficiency measure that can help households save money on fuel bills and reduce heat loss. Installing solid wall insulation can save up to £930 per year on energy bills, according to the Energy Saving Trust (EST). External wall insulation is particularly beneficial for homes with solid walls that cannot be insulated using cavity wall insulation. It is estimated that about 7.9 million UK homes have solid walls that could benefit from this type of insulation.

Identifying Homes with Solid Walls

Older homes, particularly those built pre-1920, are more likely to have solid walls. A simple way to tell if a home has solid walls is by looking at the brick pattern. Solid walls have every other brick placed end-on rather than being the same size. If you are unsure, a survey by an experienced assessor can confirm whether your home has solid walls.

Installing External Wall Insulation Grant

If a home is suitable for external insulation, the first stage is usually to erect scaffolding to gain access to the external walls of the property. Enabling works are carried out before the installation of insulation boards. Fixtures and fittings are removed or extended before the walls can be insulated.

External wall insulation is installed by attaching a thermal layer to the existing external walls and then finishing it with a render or decorative cladding to protect it from the wind and rain. After the installation, any fixtures and fittings removed during the process are replaced, and the scaffolding is removed.

Benefits of External Wall Insulation Grant

Solid wall insulation has numerous benefits, including improving the thermal efficiency of a home, making it more comfortable and warmer, enhancing its aesthetics, reducing heat loss and energy bills, improving the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating, soundproofing against outside noise, potentially increasing the value of the property, and extending the life of the wall.

 Correct installation can also reduce condensation on internal walls.

What are the benefits of solid wall insulation?
Improves the thermal efficiency of your home – more comfort and warmth
Improves the aesthetics of your home
It reduces heat loss and lowers energy bills dramatically
Can improve the EPC rating
Soundproofing from outside noise
Could increase the value of the property
It increases the life of the wall
Can reduce condensation on internal walls if fitted correctly

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